[Character Application:] Lark Skyward

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[Character Application:] Lark Skyward

Post by Lark on Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:21 pm

I hope I've posted this in the right place! I decided it would be easier to start a brand new character rather than drag Annwen out of retirement Smile

Race, Looks & Personality
Name: Lark Skyward
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Kislovan
Looks: Lark is on the short side for a human, and what might charitably by called 'slight', although her brother calls her skinny. Her hair is long and dark, and usually tied back somewhat messily to keep it out of her face. She can't quite bring herself to cut it, but likes to complain about it getting in the way, especially when strands escape into her eyes. Her face is also quite long and narrow, with a pale complexion, high cheekbones, a thin and somewhat pointed nose, and a sharp chin. While her lips upturn at the edges, so she doesn't generally look unhappy except when she actually is, the set of her jaw belies a level of stubborn resilience and bravery that one perhaps would not expect at first glance from a girl of 19. She herself is happy to concede that she'll never be a beauty, but she is rather proud of the small, brown birthmark just below the corner of her right eye; 'If I'm not pretty, I may as well look interesting.' Her eyes are also a deep brown, somewhat deepset and surrounded by thick lashes, while her eyebrows tend towards a frown which, combined with her mouth, leaves her mostly appearing thoughtful rather than cross.

Personality-wise, as well as her stubborn and determined nature, she is a natural people-person - she is a good conversationalist, and people seem drawn to speak to her, telling her things about themselves they perhaps wouldn't tell anyone else. She's never been quite sure why this happens, but since she finds almost everyone she's ever met interesting (if not likeable!), she appreciates it happening. That's not to say she isn't afraid to argue with people when it seems necessary, particularly when she sees or hears something that strikes her as unjust. She also isn't a fan of large groups and gatherings, preferring to talk deeply with one other person than make small talk with several people at once - perhaps why she's not a big fan of parties!

Race: Human
Religion: the Mother - at one time, Lark even considered dedicating herself to the Mother, but since her decision to leave Kislovan, she is less sure if this is her true path. It is, however, part of the reason she felt that a ship to a part of Dort was a sign that she was doing the right thing in leaving.

General Information
Why are you in Port Town?

Lark wants adventure, which is why she left her home in Kislovan and headed away on the first ship that would take her. She wants to see the world and find her place in it, and since she's arrived in Shorewich this seems a good enough place to start!

What is your wealth level? Unskilled - she has only just arrived in Shorewich and has yet to find a job or stable place to live.

Describe your current circumstances.
Lark is pretty naive - despite her forays among Kislovan society, talking to as many different types of people as she could find, she knows very little about the rest of Tazlure and its peoples. Shorewich already seems strange and foreign to her, so she's suffering from culture shock and the reality of the decision she made, to leave home forever and cast out into the world with nothing but a flute she can play a little and the sack on her back, is beginning to become starkly clear. However, she's both braver than she looks and stubborn to go with it, and is determined to find out who she truly is and what she could do with her life.

3 skills at  Basic, 2 at Apprentice and one at Journeyman, plus the skills your starting position allows at Journeyman. Magick is one skill, but please indicate specialisation.

Playing an instrument - flute
Cloth work
Story telling

Magick (Mindcraft) - Bardic Voice (she hasn't yet discovered it, but she has a naturally strong talent for this)
Bartering & Accounting


As humans of Kislovan, Lark's parents felt, as many others did, that they were second class citizens. However, as a merchant family, they refused to have anything to do with the rebellion, fearing it would risk what economic stability they did have. They tried to shield their two children, Lark and her brother, Arnolt, from the isle's politics, aiming instead to arrange a marriage for Lark with the son of another merchant family. As a child, Lark was taught to sew and make clothing (though she never showed any special aptitude for it) as well as the basic skills of numeracy and barter that make up a large part of a merchant's trade.

However, Lark's parents also didn't prevent their daughter from pursuing her own interests, and Lark, with her natural interest in people, gradually began to understand more about her position on Kislovan as a human female, and about the limitation of her life a marriage would offer. Despite the rarity of a human on Kislovan worshipping the Mother, Lark felt drawn to her from a fairly young age - particularly in her aspect as the maiden. Youth, vitality, and growth - all of these things seemed important to her, things which should be able to flourish, not be stifled.

As she grew towards adulthood, Lark began to seriously consider dedicating herself to the Mother for life, as one way of escaping the limitations of marriage to someone she didn't even know, but gradually she realised this would be switching one set of limits for another. It became clear to her that to find her own path in life, and to make her own choices, she would need to leave Kislovan - she was friendly with too many Adhiel to join the rebels, and if she were to stay her parents would force her into married life eventually. She began to make plans, squirrelling away what funds she could and collecting travelling supplies where possible. She took up lessons in playing the flute, thinking that perhaps she could make some money as a bard, and convincing her parents to pay for it as something that would increase her eligibility for marriage. Finally, one night, she snuck her way to the docks, and bartered her way onto a ship leaving first thing in the morning - a ship that turned out to be heading to Shorewich.

She owns a flute, a large leather haversack and sturdy boots, and several dresses suitable for a merchant's daughter.

Are you a veteran? Be aware you still need approval for your situation in this game. How did you survive the 10 yahren after the War of the One?
Lark isn't a veteran character, and due to her age didn't really experience the ten years after the War of the One in the way someone older might - she doesn't really know much about it, as her parents tried to shield their family from both Kislovan and Tazlure politics, particularly during her childhood.

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Re: [Character Application:] Lark Skyward

Post by Maeve on Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:16 pm

Approved. Feel free to contact other players to see where you match up. For instance there is already another character from Kislovan.

Will be moving this sheet to the approved section and you into the player group so you can start posting.

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