Character Application: Tristam

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Character Application: Tristam

Post by Tristam on Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:15 pm

Race, Looks & Personality

Name: Tristam
Gender: Male

Place of Birth: World's Mouth

Looks: A short wiry human with brown hair and green eyes. He tends to dress in blues and greens of sturdy fabric but cut for easy movement as well as style. He has an easy smile and a ready laugh.

Race: Human

Religion: The Mother

General Information
Why are you in Port Town? Well, the outward reason is business of course. Tristam was looking into some of his business interests on the main island of Dort and decided to scout out some of the smaller islands where opportunities might have been missed. He is particularly interested in the Nipponar mine. However, the real reason, which even Tristam does not admit to himself, is that he was drawn here. His newly awakened sensitivity to Nature tells him something is not quite right here and that is going to nag at him until he uncovers the truth.
What is your wealth level? Journeyman
Describe your current circumstances. Tristam is newly arrived in Port Town and trying to get his bearings.

3 skills at Basic, 2 at Apprentice and one at Journeyman, plus the skills your starting position allows at Journeyman. Magick is one skill, but please indicate specialization.

Not sure what “the skills your starting position allows at Journeyman” means but here are the rest of them.

Bartering & Accounting Journeyman
Diplomacy Apprentice
Small Blades Apprentice
Magick Shaping Basic
Navigation Basic
Nature Lore Basic

Backstory of your character. Send secrets to me in PM.
Indicate items of note you own.
Are you a veteran? Be aware you still need approval for your situation in this game. How did you survive the 10 yahren after the War of the One?

Well let’s try to answer all of those at once. Yes, Tristam is a veteran.
Tristam started out as a brash young man eager to make his fortune in the city of World’s Mouth. He wormed his way into a position with the Constanza family and worked his way up to being the right hand man of Prima Constanza, head of the family. Thus he was by her side on the airship Madrigal on its maiden voyage to trade with the Seven Isles. They stopped in T’aquar and after a brief entanglement in the war there, left with a pair of adhiel Shapers that was to teach in World’s Mouth and stay under the protection of their family.

In the isles, Tristam oversaw the first trade mission and brought much wealth to himself and the family. ( He continued growing the family’s interests. He even joined in the attack on Pan’s Isle during the War of the One leading his own airship.

His fortunes have waxed and waned in the years since the war. Tristam has traveled all over the Seven Isles trying to open new markets and increase the family’s fortunes. Though still a friend and confidant of Prima Constanza, a disastrous attempt to explore and exploit Sierra for resources made it best for Tristam to fade into the background for a time.
He retreated to the Family’s country estate. It was a truly beautiful place now that the adhiel Shapers lived there. Under there care it was a true oasis in the desert of smoke and progress that was World’s Mouth. He intended to only stay for a few weeks to let the furor of his latest debacle die down. He ended up staying two years learning and training under the adhiel Shapers until the beginning of their gifts were his. He returned to trading and managing family interests in a smaller way than before but only so he can see the world again with the new sight granted by Nature.

As for items of note, he has the proper papers and signet rings to do official business in the name of the Constanza family. He has a masterwork dagger forged by the finest metalsmiths on the Mouth. He has a staff thrumming with the energy of life, a gift from his Shaper mentors upon finishing his basic studies. Lastly, Tristam has a personal airship, just large enough to carry a couple of people and enough provisions to get where he needs to go. (I fully expect this last one to be disallowed. Feel free to have it experiencing engine trouble that leaves it a floating apartment in the harbor.)


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Re: Character Application: Tristam

Post by Maeve on Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:21 pm

Welcome back! Approved, of course.

Please contact characters you think you might have had contact with as Niamh showed the way. I might share some details at a later point. If you have pertinent secrets please tell me in PM.

Will move this sheet to the approved forum and add you to players list.

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