[Character Application] Ellaine McCrae

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[Character Application] Ellaine McCrae

Post by Ellaine McCrae on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:37 am

Race, Looks & Personality

Name: Ellaine McCrae
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Dort
Race: Human
Religion: Mother
Age: 26 Yahren
Height: 5’10”
Looks: Ellaine is quite a tall woman of average looks.  Long dark brown hair flows well below her back.  When illuminated by the rays of the sun a tinge of auburn shines through each strand.  Her eyes come in a deep green-hazel color, normally seen squinting in order to capture precise measurements.  In her daily life, Ellaine is seen with her hair tied up with her goggles resting upon her head.  Her garments are usually bound with leather as she works mainly with many different kinds of timber.  Recently however she has been attempting to become more feminine, going as far to pick up a sewing needle to make her own dresses and garments.

General Information

Why are you in Port Town?  
Ellaine has lived in Port Town for nearly two-thirds of her life.  She works out of a small shop run by her family which specializes in carpentry and woodwork.

What is your wealth level?

Describe your current circumstances.
Through conversations with her parents Ellaine had concluded her role in her family would be to help continue the family business.  However, as the only child she has realized that maybe she should get married and not make her parents worry. Thus began her process of attempting to start relationships with the other families in Port Town other than the ones she already knew to search for potential suitors.


Beautification – Basic
Lockpicking – Basic
Healing (Non-Magick) – Basic
Bartering and Accounting – Apprentice
Clothwork – Apprentice
Carpentry / Woodworking – Journeyman


Ellaine’s family had traditions rooted deeply in carpentry and woodworking.  For almost three generations the McCrae’s had a decently sized shop.  They were not as famous as other families or other established carpenters but they held a lot of pride for their skill and quality of work.

When Ellaine was young a contract was made by her father to supply a military official who had recently wed with a full bedroom set of woodwork.  The contract was made a yahren in advance. The project was treated with immense care by Ellaine’s father because their small shop did not usually see many large contracts.  He finished the pieces with almost a whole month remaining. Unbeknownst to the McCrae’s however, was that this was a plan devised by the official.  

Early on a sunny morning the family discovered that their shop had been broken into and a collection of pieces ranging from small to large were swiped from the building. Among them were all of the pieces that were destined for the contract.

Ellaine’s father was not able to deliver the pieces that were promised to the official.  He did not have to pay.  The investigation into the theft was at a stand still.  They had to close up shop and soon they had lost the building that their family had built for a few generations.  Later, rumors began to surface that the theft was orchestrated by the McCrae’s themselves because Ellaine’s grandfather did not approve of the marriage between her parents and even attempted to keep him from becoming an ‘heir’ to the family business.

On a whim Ellaine’s parents restarted their woodworking business out of their home in an effort to build funds to move away.  They used only word of mouth from people they had trusted and soon they were able to reach their goal.   They had settled their destination as Port Town in Shorewich.

Once they were there they had Ellaine sent to school and give her the life they could not have possibly given her.  Soon she was also learning woodworking from her father and cloth work from her mother in her spare time.  The family soon gained some much needed clientele from Port Town and were able to set up a small shop to work out of.

As yahren passed Ellaine began to handle more responsibilities around the shop.  She began to gather tinder from the vendors and help her mother with the bookkeeping. She had never really thought about her own future, and only contemplated the future of her mother, father and the business.

Items Owned:

Protective goggles
Woodcarving set
Leather bound clothing
A white dress (currently being worked on)
Ellaine McCrae
Ellaine McCrae

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Re: [Character Application] Ellaine McCrae

Post by Maeve on Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:33 pm

Lovely sheet. Aproved and will move this to the appropriate forum. Feel free to make contacts with other citizens of Port Town.

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Re: [Character Application] Ellaine McCrae

Post by Niamh Windwalker on Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:14 am

Not sure our characters will have run into each other, but open to ideas. Smile Nice sheet!

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Re: [Character Application] Ellaine McCrae

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