[Character Application] Raevyn

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[Character Application] Raevyn

Post by Raevyn on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:19 am

Race, Looks & Personality

Name: Raevyn D’Altamooriana
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Gulanadur
Looks: Years of combat have done little to alter her stunning natural beauty. She bears scars over her body of course due to her time spent fighting orcs and her time spent as a member of the Emerald Guard. Her skin is dark due to her dark adhiel heritage and her usually waist length silver hair has been cropped considerably shorter to accommodate many of the disguises that she dons. Her amaretto colored eyes still burn brightly and her effortless smile still can put even the sternest of individuals at ease, and tell no tale of her murderous past. Raevyn was never overly muscular as is the case with her kind, yet her time away from the battlefield has given her a slightly softer look.

Race: Adhiel
Religion: Priestess of Anasati

General Information
Why are you in Port Town?

Raevyn will never admit to knowing the intentions of the divine. Nor will she admit to knowing what the signs they show to her mean. The adhiel has had more than one run in with the gods in her lifetime. Whether it be watching firsthand the vindictive massacre of her people at the hands of Dominicus himself, or the secret plottings of Pan and Moonlady against said One God. As irony would have it, the goddess that the dark adhiel now devoted her life to, Anasati, was the one that she never actually met and lived to tell about. Signs were the only thing that Raevyn had ever received from her. They had lead her from certain death if captured as she fled on foot from the Onesist Army during the war. They have lead her to near death as she willingly poisoned herself in the rituals of her faith and spreading the word to those that survived the initiations. Other than building up an incredible resistance to most known poisons Raevyn hadn’t the slightest idea of what Anasati had planned for her most devoted follower. If it wasn’t the will of the divine that lead Raevyn to Port Town, it was business.

The former Guardswoman had found relative success in the weapons trade after the war. This should come as no surprise as she comes from one of the most powerful merchant houses in Gulanadur. House D’Altamooriana that dealt in the weapons trade as well as other illicit ventures. The opportunity to make a few extra coppers here and there was something that the adhiel would rarely turned down. Port Town presented the chance to do just that.

Futhermore Raevyn was a killer, a very proficient killer. Trained by the Emerald Guard to eliminate targets discretely and without leaving a trace. An ability that has served her well not just in the theater of war, but in business as well. Eliminating the competition completely was not a problem that Raevyn concerned herself with.

What is your wealth level? Journeyman

Describe your current circumstances.

Raevyn is new to Port Town.

*Business and accounting~ Basic
*Thieving skills~ Basic
*Diplomacy~ Basic
*Faith [Divine]~ Apprentice
*Piercing weapons, Long range~ Apprentice
*Small blades~ Journeyman

Emerald Guard Assassin
Priestess of Anasati (If that should be secret let me know. Or if you have suggestions I’m open.)

Indicate items of note you own.

Gemmed Assassin’s daggers. (Made to inject poison in blades)
Emerald Guard Long Bow (Only thing she keep from her time in the Guard)
Disguise kit (Wigs, make up, powders)
Priestess robes (Anasati)
Vials of unmarked poisons

Are you a veteran? Yes
How did you survive the 10 yahren after the War of the One?

Raevyn spent her time after war peacefully. She had grown battle weary and devoted her time expanding her houses trade routes all throughout Tazlure. She was able to earn a comfortable living as player in the weapons trade as her family’s weapons were well known throughout the world for the fine craftsmanship and durability.

At the same time the adhiel furthered the influence of her religion. She spent years as an acolyte and eventually was promoted to a sister, then finally priestess.

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Re: [Character Application] Raevyn

Post by Maeve on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:21 pm

Character approved, and your name was entered in to the player group. See how easy that was Wink

Anasati doesn't play a major role in this campaign. PM me your suggestions how you see the goddess fit in with the themes of darkness vs light and life vs death.

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Re: [Character Application] Raevyn

Post by Raevyn on Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:35 am

Cool. Thanks. Ill work on the anasati part

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Re: [Character Application] Raevyn

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