Guidebook to Old Ebenezer's Farm

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Guidebook to Old Ebenezer's Farm

Post by Maeve on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:59 pm

Most farmhouses are abandonded during winter, the farmers taking their cattle to town to survive huddled together in relative safety near the city walls before being shorn in spring. Not old man Ebenezer. He and his extensive family hunker down, refusing the expense of wintering in town. For a price a traveller might find a place at the heart of the old miser.


The farmyard is impressively large, yet gives a cramped impression at the same time. A collection of materials, some so old it will never be used again, stand around in a seemingly random pattern, abandoned a long time ago. Carts. Machinery. Tools. More material can be found in the outbuildings. With difficult one can cut a path towards the front door of the main building.

Main Hall

Main Hall is where people eat and sleep, and eveything else that could tentively be called a social life. There is a big fire in the middle, with a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. Ebenezer doesn't believe in modern inventions like hearths. This was the way his grandfather did things, and that suits him just fine. Upstarts of World's Mouth and Nipponar with their engineering and use of metal find no favour here.

Food is served at the large wooden tables, after being cooked in large coppery pots. Mostly variaties of stew, with or without meat.


Adjecent to the Main Hall, so as to better share their warmth, and sadly their smell, the sheep, goats, pigs and one cow of the family are kept here. There is room to house a horse or two. Chickens have free reign all over the place.

OOC: Those of you that have found a place with the old miser may add your location below.

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