Guidebook to Port Town's City Gates

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Guidebook to Port Town's City Gates

Post by Maeve on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:41 pm

A carefully created strong stone wall surrounds Port Town, protecting its inhabitants from the dangers of the Great Frozen Beyond. Next to the city gates at the very southern tip of Port Town, open only during light hours, the garrison of Shorewich is housed. The Shoreguards are a proud but small unit. Several foreigners have joined the forces because Shorewich is not densely populated enough to provide enough soldiers. Regular patrols go out to check the coastlines, as well as offering services to the Nipponar company.

The City Gates

The City Gates, large wooden constructions reinforced with iron, are manned by the Shoreguards. They open during daylight, which is of short duration during the wintermonths. On either side the city walls, made out of rough stone stretch in a centric pattern towards the sea, to include the Port.

Shoreguards Barracks

The Shoreguard garrison, with its familir green uniforms with the coat of arms of the baron, have three buildings as sleeping quarters, and one large eating & meeting hall. The commander has his own home on the premises. The weapon hall including a practice arena and a single holding cell makes up the final building.

Everything is coated in a white layer of snow, though the ground is muddy and not much to look at. Stables house sturdy horses, for the garrison doubles as both cavalry and infantry. When in need, fishermen's boats are claimed for naval duty. Up in Shorewich one learns to make due.

The Cattle Fields

The Cattle fields, inside the city walls, provide protection for the live stock of Shorewich farmers during the harsh winters. For a fee of course, a nice source of extra income for the barony. Only Old Ebenezer refuses to bring his cattle to town in the fall and winter months.
The barest of protections are in place, for who will still cattle in the middle of town? Wooden fences suffice, and many stables. Some of the farmers elect to live with their cattle, huddling close for warmth.

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