You know there are always rules to my game ;)

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You know there are always rules to my game ;)

Post by Maeve on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:07 pm

This is a temporary board for the holidays in 2016. We will in all cases follow Tazlure's  Rules of Realism, but follow a leightweight character creation and setting so we do not get bogged down in details, deliberately blurring a little. The leighweight version of the setting can be found in this forum. When in doubt if a certain sub rule applies or if you can bring in details from Tazlure's past, ask.

Above all we ask players to be respectful towards each other and staff and have fun while writing. Staff is the sole arbiter of what defines fun and who is right or wrong. Yes, you did sell us your soul when submitting your character.

Semi-Free Form

This game has rules and is moderated. Yes, you can go anywhere, do anything, but the moderators will have the setting react according to the rules of realism. This means among other things you cannot assume your actions will always be succesful (beyond the small and obvious stuff) and that moderators can sometimes appear to be nasty for the sake of our storyline.  I am hoping for your trust in running this game and this story fairly.

Play by Post 101: Basically you write a post (using a description provided on the boards of the setting) including the actions you take, things you say, things you think about.. and then you wait on other players and the moderator to react.

Rules of Realism

These are the hard dogma's of our style of playing.

1. IC actions have IC consequences
Our setting is a living and breathing thing. Whatever you do, will have consequences, both positive and negative. The moderator will apply these consequences, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a long time. What you do matters.

2. Fantasy, not Fairy Tale
These are not called the Rules of Realism for nothing. A lot of thought went into the setting of Tazlure to create what we think is realistic fantasy. A lot was grounded in history and knowledge of human nature. So, yes, you might expect to be the hero of these tales we are writing, but no, we will not go easy on you.

3. Fun before Realism
If you wanted everything to be realistic, what is the point of writing in a fantasy game? Ultimately we write so everybody can have fun and if you impede on other players fun, or they impede on yours,  the moderator will make sure everybody plays nice. You can also expect the moderator to not get you down all the time (though remember rules 1 and 2).

Please note that due to our lightwight version I am not adding comfortzones etc however, I do want to apply an 18+ rating, just to reassure some of our players. It is my understanding all our veterans are now 18+ anyway.

I will also not be adding trigger warnings. If you don't like where a plot is going, just.. move away.

Rules of Etiquette

1. Lay Out
Be user friendly. No fancy fonts or colours. No large pictures. Indicate in bold above the thread which players you are talking to if you are a large group thread. No large OOC comments. Please provide translations of difficult accents and languages other than English in a footnote.

2. Posting Order
It is considered polite to wait for other people to post in the order they joined the thread, but you can be lightweight in this as long as you don't give yourself unfair advantage and put yourself in the limelight. As long as everybody is okay with it, I'm okay with it. If you impede on the fun of others, see above. In general: if you don't post within 24 hours after your last post, the other players are allowed to continue. If you disappear the moderator will move you to a sideline in the story.

3. Side Threads
Please do not drown out other players by hyperposting in a large thread. Create a side thread with the tag [side-thread of x] in the subjectline for your one-on-one moments.


This season is set at the beginning of winter, just before Yuletide, which lasts 12 days. I estimated the IC time spent here will be 2 Tazlurian weeks (20 days). We will attempt to keep turning days, so the pace is a bit quicker than veterans of Tazlure are used to. You can read more about particulars of timekeeping in our setting elsewhere. Here I'm just detailing some firm rules on how to handle time IC and OOC.

1. Time Moves Forward
You must follow your own timeline religiously.  Do not post for the first time in a thread that is dated before your most forward thread. Break this rule and your thread will be "rolled back" or in other words will be null and void without impact on the rest of the story.

2. Semi-linear
You can start a new thread when your old one is not done yet as long as you move forward in time. Be careful not to tie yourself in knots or give yourself unfair advantage in your most forward threads!
Semi-linear time necessitates that you timestamp each thread you make.

3. Do not Flicker hug
A flicker is a second. By playing out every second of your life, you are holding up the game. We recommend making no more than 2 threads per tide and try to keep at least one thread at the most forward point in time of the game. That is where the most exciting things happen and the likelihood of impact is the largest.

4. Summaries, fudging, time synching etc... do we really need to?
While the moderators will not hesitate to employ time honored techniques to hurry everybody along, I don't anticipate needing such tools as we needed in day to day management of Tazlurian Time. Just keep your eye on the calender and post forward, or you'll be out of fun.

Core Setting Rules

Tazlure is not equal to Earth, this is not Earth except with people with pointy ears. Any historical order of things isn't necessarily part of Tazlure. Anything resembling anime such as purple or blue hair, jeans, ninja's, twinks, people who strike poses etc. is marked as out of setting. Not everything found on Earth thus is part of Tazlure.

We require a suspense of disbelief for this setting. To prevent being bogged down in anal discussions there is an official ban on taking too much of a scientific view on how the globe of Tazlure is run. After all, fantasy by its very nature is not scientific and many things at Tazlure are very unbelievable and yet they happen and exist.

Magick is part of our reality. While there is a tension between fantasy and realism, Magick is never an excuse for poor writing but an integral part of the reality we create. It is not an easy cop out to explain everything about the setting but contributes to the setting in a meaningful way, leading to a diverting path from Earth.

This is a setting of myths and legends with heroes and fantastical creatures. Unicorns, dragons, gryphons, fae, adhiel, swanmaiden and kanthrop... they are just mere examples of the very wide variation of intelligent races that can be found, not to mention the non-intelligent life forms. There is no such thing as too much high fantasy in Tazlure.

For our lightweight version of the game all (more or less) intelligent races are allowed, but no curious half mixes that violate the rules of realism.

What Doesn't Belong

Undead - that includes zombies, vampires etc. Ask me why some time, but for now.. just no.
Hack & Slash - a pure focus on action without thoughts, this includes one liners. It is not the powergaming that bothers us, but the fact that it is boring to read and boring to mod.
Porn- Erotica yes, porn no. simple yes? Again, boring.
Gore - excessive and repeated violence just for shock value, descriptions of wounds and other results beyond the necessity of the plot, a deliberate focus on what causes gag reflexes. Horror yes, gore no.


90% of this lightwight version of rules I own the copyright to, the rest I use with permission. Eternal thanks gp to the owners of Cherveaux: Palace of Light &

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