Skills and their Categories

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Skills and their Categories

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Skills, and awarding points to them, was a key ingredient in player enjoyment, but it was also a tedious administrative task, even automated, for writers. As the point of our current temporary board is only the joy of writing, we will only use them as part of character creation, to get a sense of your PC. Many skills have been grouped together.  Expect mundane skills to be accessible to you. Children in Dort are taught to read and write at at least a rudimentary level, and you can assume more proficiency as befits your character.


  • Unskilled - anyone may claim this level
  • Basic - you are better than average, but still learning
  • Apprentice - you are getting there, but make frequent mistakes
  • Journeyman - you have this skill, but some thing still allude you and you make the rare but costly mistake
  • Master - few will rival you in this skill

Combat Skills


Single combat
Group combat


Blunt/Crashing Weapons
Small Blades
Large Blades
Piercing weapons short distance
Piercing weapons long distance

We'd like to suggest to choose one signature weapon.

Hunting & Nature Skills

Hunting & Trapping
Nature lore
Healing (non-magickal)

Trade, Politics & Culture skills

Lore [subject]
Thieving skills
Bardic skills
Bartering & Accounting
Leather & Iron work
Cloth work

Magick & Religion Skills

There are three main sources of magickal energy. Please choose a source and a specialisation if you wish to be a magick user.

  • Faith - ¬†energy is that it is granted to the caster by a powerful Aetheric or Netheric being in exchange for worship or reverence.
  • Sorcery - energy that is taken from things or creatures outside the caster
  • Mindcraft- energy that is taken from within (the spirit of) the caster

Types of Faith magick

  • Divine Magick, the magick used by priests and derived from gods
  • Shamanism, the magick used by shamans and derived from spirits
  • Amunic Magick, a specific form of shamanism practised in Amun Rah
  • Eastern Magick, a specific form of shamanism practised in the Eastern Empire
  • Druidism, the magick used by druids and derived from Nature (the Mother)
  • Shaping, a specific form of druidism practised in T'aquar
  • [*]Cultism*- the magick used by cultists and derived from daemons

Types of Sorcery

  • General Sorcery - using the different energies all around the caster
  • Runecraft, including Daemonology * - using runic symbols on natural surfaces to bind energies in a spell
  • Alchemy - knowing what sort of energy is contained in what sort of substance and mixing them together in a physical manifestation.
  • Battle Magick - a type of sorcery focused on applications on the battle field
  • Blood Magick, including Necromancy * - blood is a sacrificial source of energy

Types of Mindcraft

  • General Mindcraft - subtle influencing of those around you through mental offort, like empathy, aura reading, and the very rare telepathy
  • Bardic Voice - the use of voice, sometimes in song, to subtle suggest or even command
  • Dark Arts - using dark emotions both of the caster, and outside the caster, to manifest physical effects (hatred, desire, corruption, destruction *

Types of magick marked with a * are forbidden in Tazlure.

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