Intro: Welcome to Shorewich !

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Intro: Welcome to Shorewich !

Post by Maeve on Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:26 pm

Whether you are a veteran player of Tazlure, or a complete newbie, I welcome you to shores of our isle Shorewich, barony of Dort!

Shorewich may sound and feel familiar. In spring and summer its grassfields are well known for they are captured in many a song. Bards sing about the peaceful life amidst the sheep and the rough life of the farmers, the mist rolling over the hills. While there is some industry on the Eastern shores, most of Shorewich lives a simple life, with fishermen adding a welcome source of income as well as a solid set of sailor tales to share near a warm hearth with a good mug of ale.

In the all too long winter the cold haunts the fields, known as the Great Frozen Beyond, while citizens huddle in front of the fire in Port Town, acknowledging the turn of the seasons. Yuletide is celebrated with relish for the return of light.

Yet, why are more and more traders from the West coming to Port Town? Do the Gnomes from the mining colony sell more than they ought? And what is this rumour about Orcs being sighted in the South, which is known as the Great Frozen Beyond for its inhospitable nature during winter? Is all as it should be in quiet Shorewich?

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