Sjirra, a rather relaxed forum

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Sjirra, a rather relaxed forum

Post by Grey on Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:48 pm

Mainly, we're a very relaxed place with no writing requirements. And with hopefully some neat stuff going on too.

- Many playable species. And the possibility of writing your own.
- Other world building happens here too. We tend to fling ideas around whenever we have the time and energy to think and write.
- Write and post stories, set anywhere and anytime in this world.
- We're also plotting a possible co-written story. That's being talked about here-- http:// oldnorthernroad. jcink. net/ index.php?showtopic=136

- Unfortunately the shoutbox isn't open to guests, due to a horrible plague of spammers. But the ad forums are open for guests, and questions.

For the rest, come and have a look around?

http:// oldnorthernroad. jcink. net

Note; the forum wouldn't let me post links, therefore the spaces.


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