[Character Application - Endellyn Trewissick]

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[Character Application - Endellyn Trewissick]

Post by Endellyn Trewissick on Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:55 pm

Name: Endellyn Trewissick
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Port Town
Looks: Endellyn is a 21-year-old woman. She is around 5'6, with long legs she shows off in tight pants and long boots. On top she usually wears a blouse, jacket and colourful scarf or wrap. Her light brown hair is cropped just below her ears, and usually tousled by the wind. Her eyes are grey. Her face is not remarkable: a short nose with a rounded tip, not much of a chin and a few acne scars remaining from her teen years.
Race: Human
Religion: Pecunia

General Information
Why are you in Port Town? Endellyn has inherited the ruins of her father's business and is hoping to rebuild it.

What is your wealth level? Poor.

Describe your current circumstances. Endellyn was born in Port Town, but her parents moved out some years ago when her father, Jory, had built up his woollen scarf business with enough success that they could get out of the bustle of the town and get a sizeable property further inland. Endellyn was raised to know good fashion, and how to make money.

Then, five years ago, her mother Merwen vanished, taking with her most of the family's savings. Jory was heartbroken and took a series of loans with the house as collateral, paying private investigators to find his wife. They reported she was in the Citadel, with a string of lovers and no wish to return. To compound his problems, not long aftwewards Jory fell ill and a shift in Citadel tastes meant sales of his scarves crashed. By the time he died a few months ago, Jory had lost the house, the fortune and most of his market.

Endellyn has had to return to Port Town to live in the tiny room above her father's original shop, and has vowed to build the business back to its former glory.

Basic:Riding, strategy, bardic skill [harp]
Apprentice:Cloth work, diplomacy
Journeyman: Bartering and accounting

Backstory of your character. : Due to her father's success in trade and business, Endellyn grew up in a moderately wealthy family. An only child, she received lessons in riding and playing the harp - her parents aspired to a middle class lifestyle. She was being groomed to take the reins of a thriving company. Then everything changed, and Endellyn had to help her father make ends meet. This was sometimes difficult - she had to haggle on everything, even, near the end, their food.

She knows her father was disappointed not to see her marry before he died. She has had a few, brief relationships, with men and women, but since her mother's betrayal she has not wanted to make a long term commitment. Her focus on rebuilding the business can be off-putting for some.

Indicate items of note you own:
- Several crates of woollen wraps, scarves and shawls - all that's left of her father's business.
- A black business ledger, also formerly her father's.
- A set of quill pens and ink.
- A solid pair of knee-high leather boots.
Endellyn Trewissick
Endellyn Trewissick

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Re: [Character Application - Endellyn Trewissick]

Post by Maeve on Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:26 pm

Apologies for the delay. You are approved. Moving t his to the correct forum Smile

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