[Character Application] Barr Villiers

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[Character Application] Barr Villiers

Post by Barr Villiers on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:25 pm

Race, Looks & Personality

Name:  Barbican (Barr) Villiers

Gender:  Male

Place of Birth:  A nameless seaside village in the Western Kingdom

Looks:  Half a lifetime of worldly travelling have left Barr with lines of experience upon his weather-tanned face.  He stands almost a full six feet, beaten hard and wiry by years of ocean gales and high seas and appears in his late thirties, with grey encroaching at the temples of his wavy brown hair and liberally laced through his full but neatly trimmed beard.  The crows feet at the corners of his eyes and mouth look equally capably of smiles and frowns, hinting that not all of life's stories have gone Barr's way.

Barr dresses the part of local businessman well, appearing to like nice clothes, but does retain a golden loop in his left ear as a memento of a time before Shorewich.  His gait has lost much of its sea-taught amble now that he's been ashore more often than not, and the slight hitch from an old injury in his left leg gets more severe when the weather turns.

Generally gregarious, Barr projects the aura of one who has seen much in his lifetime and is used to running things his way.  He appreciates the finer things in life, especially comforts that weren't readily available on the high seas, and it is this around which he has built his business.

Race:  Human

Religion:  Attends all major services (holiday observances) and regular services intermittently at the Temple of the Mother

General Information

Why are you in Port Town?
Barr arrived without fanfare about four yahren ago and after a short feeling-out period settled in town.  He opened a small import business specializing in small commodities like spices, singular alcohols (wine, spirits), and unique cultural collectibles.  With Port Town being the rather tiny market it is he does a modest business, but by all appearances is doing just fine.  He is also known to make inquiries and procurements of items at special request, should an individual desire something specific.  This is done above board, although there are rumours of more secretive dealings as well.  Barr isn't saying anything, but you are free to come by this eveningtide if you have something you'd like to discuss.

Barr has not been very forthcoming about his previous life before Port Town, other than saying it was spent on the seas and that in the aftermath of the War of the One he needed a change.  Most of the locals are willing to leave it at that, having seen war refugees before and after Barr's arrival on Shorewich and being sympathetic to their plight.

What is your wealth level?
Apprentice - import business and "retirement fund" holding up, for now.

Describe your current circumstances.
It has been four yahren since Barr left the seafaring life and time has finally seemed to slow down a little too much in the small settlement of Port Town.  Although his import business seems to be doing well acquaintances have noticed a certain disquiet about him lately, as though he is not nearly as comfortable here as he once seemed.  Perhaps it is the recent influx of all these foreigners from lands afar bringing back unwanted memories, perhaps his business is not as solid as it seems and money is the root, or maybe it's just the Shoreguard sergeant who seems to be particularly suspicious of the transplanted seaman of late.  Whatever it is, it's clear some kind of change is warranted.


Small Blades (Dagger)

Large Blades (Cutlass)



Backstory of your character.
Born in a small fishing village in the Western Kingdom Barr left home for the sea as a teen and had been on or around seafaring ships ever since, until four yahren ago when he arrived on Shorewich and set up shop in Port Town.  He doesn't speak of his past life all that much, but when parts are coaxed out of him he admits to having visited all of the Western Kingdom and all seven of the Isles (a clear wink to any sailor who knows the true extent of that empire) throughout his voyages, missing only the northern lands of Trothguard and even that not for a lack of trying.  But winter gales are what they are and if the Ice Queen doesn't want you visiting, you find somewhere else to go.  

He rose through the ranks over the yahren, eventually captaining his own ship and plying the routes between the Western Kingdom and the Seven Isles.  But when the War came times got tough, and even worse after the War.  Eventually Barr decided that his love of the sea didn't trump his love of life, nor the desire to be comfortable in his old age.  So he found an out-of-the-way spot and decided to call that home.  He parted ways with his ship and crew, taking along a generous settlement, and plopped himself down in Port Town to while away the days.

Knowing he couldn't simply do nothing after so long in charge of something, he set up his little import business.  Making use of some of his contacts from his sailing days, Barr has managed to stock his shop with small but prized commodities that the citizens in town might want.  Nicer alcohols than the local swill, spices and dried herbs, and even cultural items from the breadth of the Isles are offered at fair prices.  He also takes private commissions for specific items, and it is rumoured that some of those commissions might not have been completely above board.  

Indicate items of note you own.

Barr has several sets of clothes, most well made and fashionable for a successful businessman.  He has a cane of dark wood with a silver-capped tip and a curved silver handle fashioned in the shape of a seabird in flight.  He eschews its use whenever possible, but his left leg is getting worse as winter comes along and no doubt it will soon be more in evidence.  In his apartments above the import store he has his old cutlass from his sailing days, stashed in a trunk but still as spotless and sharp as it ever was on the high seas.

In a private cove away from town he has a small skiff he uses when the call of the sea is too great to resist.  It's sturdy enough to take out from shore, but small enough that no more than one or two sailors can manage it.  He's named her Calm Tides.

Are you a veteran? How did you survive the 10 yahren after the War of the One?
I am a veteran (Sebastian Beauvais) but Barr is a new character unrelated to the old.  I have PM'd a few extra details for consideration. Hoping to join in with the rest!
Barr Villiers
Barr Villiers

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Re: [Character Application] Barr Villiers

Post by Niamh Windwalker on Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:10 am

Lovely sheet, might have some tie-ins with the merchant in Niamh's past. Smile

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Re: [Character Application] Barr Villiers

Post by Maeve on Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:02 pm

Welcome back Seb!

You are a approved. Will look at details in PM. Meanwhile as Niamh has show you feel free to contact other players to set up background details if you think there is a match. It is not necessary for the game, but it might make it more fun.

Will add you to the players group which means you are cleared for playing.

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Re: [Character Application] Barr Villiers

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