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Character Creation

Post by Maeve on Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:51 pm


The sheet only serves to inspire your writing, so it is fairly loose and no "skilling" will take place over the course of the next few weeks. We are looking for balance in pro's and cons so try to apply some.  I might give additional directions where you fit in our story with some background story and a suggestion for a starting event.

If you are a veteran to this game, congratulations. You still must fit into one of three categories. The game is set 10 yahren after the War of the One so feel free to make up the reason you fit one of these categories.

There are three ways in this temporary game:

1. You live in the Port Town of Shorewich
You can choose your own wealth level, but not above Apprentice. No cheating by accessing the temple of Pecunia. Make up your own reason why you made your living here, and whether you are a long term visitor or truly local.
You have good knowledge of Port Town, but only limited knowledge beyond the city gates. You know about all the political & trade gossip, and what goes on beyond the border of the isle. Might you provide the vital intelligence our game needs?
The current skills you are good at are focused on a trade, or you are part of garrison with fighting skills. No scouting or hunting in this environment. No followers of the One God Dominicus.

2. You live out in the Great Frozen Beyond of Shorewich, do you have what it takes to survive the wilderness?
You live out in the barbaric wilderness on the isle, and so your wealth leavel cannot be above Basic level for as long as you are on the isle. No cheating by accessing the temple of Pecunia. Make up your own reason why you made your living here, and whether you are a visitor or local.
You are allowed skills in fighting, scouting and hunting (select a particular style) in addition to your given set of skills. You may also have an additional cultural skill of Islay or the gnomes. Your knowledge of the area is intense, and so you know something is afoot. Will your skill and knowledge save the day?
No followers of the One God Dominicus.

3. You are a recent arrival ... poor you
Your wealth level can be anything, including Master level, and your faith and your allegiance is up to you. No prominent fighting, scouting or hunting skills, but Magick allowed. You have a particular goal in mind when arriving though that might change. You have only the wealth and NPCs you've brought with you, subject to approval, plus extensive knowledge of at least one area that you hail from or represent. You have no knowledge of Shorewich safe what is in the setting info and any additional information you might be apprised of by the moderator from time to time. You are a fish out of the water in a strange land. Will you be able to accomplish your mission?

Race, Looks & Personality

Anything goes. That is right, no limits on race. This is your chance to play either your own veteran character, or something entirely new that wasn't playable before. The only limits are that it must be a more or less intelligent race, and no curious mixes that break the rules of realism. Subject to approval.

I just need some basic notes on what  your character looks like and what a first impression of personality might be. Figure out the rest as you go, or give some hint as to deeper secrets etc. to me in PM. Remember that all sheets are public!

Wealth level

See the notes under general for some limits and elsewhere in the forum for an explanation. Giving the short amount of time I don't expect you to rise or go below your chosen wealth level during the game.
If you choose a wealth level detail for me grosso modo what you think you own and who you employ. No later adjustments unless gained in character.

If you are a veteran character with access to lofty titles, huge powers and a ton of money, please come up with a reason why you cannot access that for the duration of our game. We can even do a secret identity if you prefer. We need a bit of a level playing field. Please also link me to at least one thread at to indicate your veteran status. I suffer from GM dementia, so unless you remind me, I'm likely to forget everything. Andolin, Rosalie, Nicollo, Sosa, Silk? Never heard of them before in my life, I swear!


We are going this a bit different than at our original game, hopefully much more simplified. See the write up in the setting info.

Now, please claim 3 skills at  Basic, 2 at Apprentice and one at Journeyman, plus the skills your starting position allows at Journeyman. Magick is one skill, but please indicate specialisation. All Magick users must have one single specialisation. I will only allow master level to a veteran character who can prove to me that they should have that skill as vital to their character, and I must concede it is indeed a skill of value to the story. Otherwise, simply come up with a reason why you are temporarily doing without that  proficiency (a good hit to the head, if I need to be of service?)


Perhaps you already have a background story, or you may create a new one. Have fun with it. You may wish to indicate what your position was in the War of the One as it may influence interaction with people from the Western Kingdom. However, feel free to be original.

Items of note

In general you have the freedom to have stuff according to your wealth level. However please make sure to note special items of significance on your charactersheet, even (or especially!) if you own them as a veteran character, subject to approval.

Anything not deemed average nor declared on your sheet will be ruled out of order in game situations when the moderator needs to make a call.


Keep them limited. Send them to me in PM as your sheet will be public.  Anything not declared beforehand may not be employed as leverage in the game.

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