Temple of Pan in the Citadel

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Temple of Pan in the Citadel

Post by Camus Bennett on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:20 am

I wanted to know the current situation in the Citadel and info over the missing ten years that we have been gone. I'm especially interested in the Temple of Pan and it's place in the narrative. Shorewich seems very open to Pan, but I need to know how the rest of the areas are doing with it.

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Re: Temple of Pan in the Citadel

Post by Maeve on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:26 pm

Ahem, hi player of Vanir, highpriest of Pan's joy Wink

The triade of Pan: Pan's Joy, Pan's Art, Pan's Blood has both never been more repressed, and has never blossomed as much as in the last decade. Gone underground to deal with pressures from Dort & World's Mouth's puritanism, and Kislovan repressiveness towards anything not high adhiel, yet recognized as a factor in delivering victory to the Seven Isles. Passion is a dangerous thing in a repressed culture.

Pan has found refuge with the mother for the most part, moving into the main temple. Shorewich is a pleasant exception, far away enough from main centers to allow refuge to Pan's Blood veterans as well as Pan's Joy. Pan's Arts has been more acceptable in society and is currently acceptable in the Citadel, the other two are not.

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