The Nameless Shop [Fryday, 30th of Yulember] Open

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The Nameless Shop [Fryday, 30th of Yulember] Open

Post by Verhaal on Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:54 am

The sign outside is blank, stating no name and no decorations whatsoever, yet the window says it all: outrageously colored feathers are combined with the simplest of cloth into a stunning contraption, the finest of furs are draped over designs that had best be named as... an impeccable, pitiable imitation. The eye-catcher undoubtedly is a scanty outfit made out of white goosefeathers with matching cloak, the very same replica of what once stood on the window display of a distant shop yahrens ago.

The entranceroom of the small store is empty and bare, save for two cushioned chairs intended for clients, a small center table, and a lush carpet on the floor. On a wall inside the room, almost hidden, is a worn out sign with letters almost incomplete and faded by the yahrens: "No b dy be s en or a cost me be fi ted."

In the back of the room a man clothed in the current fashion is behind his desk, his distant brown eyes is troubled as they gaze down upon a blank parchment. His right hand holding a charcoal is poised over the parchment, seemingly waiting for an inspiration that he knows will not come. The mug on the desk filled with coffee is already cold, never been touched, ignored and forgotten. On the floor are littered parchments, crumpled yet blank.

One thing is for sure: there is a hint of desperation and frustration in the yuletide air inside that small room.

ooc: Initial post inspired by the first Audrey Location in the Citadel by Syrawenn.


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