Money and Wealth

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Money and Wealth

Post by Maeve on Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:15 pm


The monetary system in Tazlure is not decimal but quartered.

  • A copper is called Banner.
  • A bronze is called Lance and there are four Banners in a Lance. (=4 banner)
  • A silver is called Circlet and there are four Lances in a Circlet. (=16 banner)
  • A gold is called Coronet and there are four Circlets in a Coronet. (=64 banner)
  • A large gold is called Crown and there are four Coronets in a Crown. (=256 banner)

This monetary system is the same in all areas and countries to avoid the hassle with exchange rates.

Wealth as a skill

We will not do an exact accounting of money. You are charged to keep a reasonable level of expense due to your wealth level.

Unskilled: The player has no income, and must live hand-to-mouth. No employment, student, serf, or slave fall into this category.
Basic: The player has basic income similar to employment as unskilled labor, thug, indentured servant, or basic pick pocket.
Apprentice: The player has some income, similar to basic, skilled labor, guard or man-at-arms, lower bureaucrat, or a specialized criminal. Landless knights might fall into this category, or landed aristocracy with very poor fiefs.
Journeyman: The player has a comfortable income that can include a home, some land, a carriage and coachhouse, etc. Most landed aristocracy might fall into this category, if not Apprentice.
Master: The player has considerable financial resources, allowing for ships, caravans, real estate development, small mercenary armies, or major financial trades.

Take note: for this temporary game you may choose your own level of wealth, but it will affect the number of skills (and their effectiveness) in other areas that I will allow. E.a. if you are a little rich girl with NPCs, you will not also be a powerful spell weaver, or a fiersome warrior. Expect to only be very good in one area. See character creation for more details.


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