Sosa the Adhiel

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Sosa the Adhiel

Post by Sosa on Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:34 pm

Race, Looks & Personality
Name: Sosa
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Oracle's isle
Looks: small, blond, muscular. Looks like a human in her late thirties, her face looks kind of stern, not showing emotions easily. Wears the old-fashioned Emperial Purple, or the robes of a priest of the Light.
Race: Adhiel
Religion: Paladin of the Light

General Information
Why are you in Port Town: Sosa is on a incognito mission form the Imperial Guard to look into rumors of unrest and strange sightings
What is your wealth level? Considerable..
Describe your current circumstances: On the one hand, being here is a chance for Sosa to escape the dreary court life, in which she has dwelt to long (literally for decades) and to find her adventuring days again. On the other hand this mission feels like being banished from court, as it is a mission some low-level recruit could have taken. Sosa's is feeling she is getting to old for court and factions and gossip lately, and is contemplating retiring to Oracle's Isle.

3 skills at  Basic, 2 at Apprentice and one at Journeyman, plus the skills your starting position allows at Journeyman. Magick is one skill, but please indicate specialisation.
Basic: Diplomacy, Navigation, Piercing weapons long distance. Apprentice: strategy, divine magick. Journeyman: Large blades

Backstory of your character. Send secrets to me in PM.
Sosa is one of the (in)famous members of the Party of Light, which set Emperor Andolin on the throne after many wars and adventures. In the years after the coronation, Sosa spent her life in the shadows behind the throne, setting up the Caesars personal protectors: the Purple Guards. Before joining the party of Light, Sosa was trained as a paladin of the Light on Oracles Isle, with which she still has strong ties

Indicate items of note you own.: magic two handed basterd sword (Adhiel-sized)

Are you a veteran? Be aware you still need approval for your situation in this game. How did you survive the 10 yahren after the War of the One?
By cunning, brute force and the protection of the Caesar and the Light (that should probably be the other way around)

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Re: Sosa the Adhiel

Post by Maeve on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:56 pm

Divine Magick should be at master, my one freebie for you Wink OR come up with a reason why it is currently limited. You can share here or send me in PM.

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