Calender & the Measurement of Time

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Calender & the Measurement of Time

Post by Maeve on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:18 pm

Time on our calender

In order to facilitate a faster pace of roleplaying we will have a rolling calender with three categories:

1. Wrapping Up - no new threads can be made on these dates
2. Middle Game - these are the ongoing events, you can still join or make new threads
3. Forward Edge of Time - the most forward point in time. Here is where you can make a true difference.

Our game will aprox run Fryday 30th of Yulember till the 10th of Darkenry.
Yuletide is 35th of Yulember till 7th of Darkenry (12 days, blame mixing a metric system with a quarter system).

Days & Weeks

Days are referred to by 'tides':
Morningtide = dawn to noon
Tradetide = noon to dusk
Eveningtide = dusk to mid-night
Gravetide = mid-night to dusk

Tides have 6 hours, making a day a 24 hour cycle. An hour is known as a candlemark, a minute as a burn, a second as a flicker. Though a time is sometimes marked as "Eveningtide in the fifth mark" the measurement of time is not precise enough for people to keep at a regular base. In towns and larger holdings a bell is rung at each mark.

Weeks are 10 days long and days are named as follows:
Firstday -named so for the first day of time
Fryday -traditional market day
Rasday -traditional day of rest

Months & Seasons

Months are 40 days long, with 6 months in the Yahren, totaling 240 days a Yahren. The months are named as follows:

Seasons run approx.
Spring = mid Chyril to Late Jaym
Summer = late Jaym to mid Samheen
Autumn = mid Samheen to late Yulember
Winter = late Yulember to mid Chyril

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